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ELS supports ELSA

Supporting ELSA is an important objective of ELS, and not only according to the statutes. Many members consider supporting ELSA to be important, rewarding and also fun! It doesn't matter if the supporters are ELS or individual members, and it doesn't matter what type of support is given. It could be anything, varying from a member using his or her network to find a speaker for a seminar of a local ELSA group, to ELS sponsoring the ELSA International Trainers Pool financially, or providing ELS Scholarships to participants of International Council Meetings.

Financial Support

One recurrent contribution we make are the ELS Scholarships, in which we pay at  each ICM all the participation fees (excluding the travel costs) for some promising ELSA members. To know more about this, you can contact the Exec Officer of the ELS Trust.

ELS also gives support through ELS Grant, which are given to local or national ELSA groups who wants to organise events within the scope of the grant. You can read more about ELS Grants here

Aiding ELSA Activities

Quite a few of ELS members are ready, willing and qualified to act as lecturers, trainers, sponsors or just mere participants at ELSA events. And even if they are not, they at least may have their own networks or knowledge that can bring you in touch with people who are.

Also, ELS members work on a wide array of activities, and their level of professional expertise can prove useful for what you might need at the moment: either is it revising your Statutes, or getting your new website up and running!

How to contact ELS

If you are an ELSA group in need of support, you may contact any of the members of the Exec, or the ELS Representative of your country.

All ELS members' contacts and info are also available for ELSA through the Directory. To get access to it, please send an email to the webmaster for your login details. Please state the purpose of you request on the message.

There can be many ways of aiding ELSA; be creative and contact us with whatever needs or proposals!