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The ELS Network

The members of the ELS are the former members of the European Law Students’ Association. Our members are almost exclusively law graduates and many of them work in legal professions. Among them you find a minister, a general auditor, a national officer for data protection, lawyers, professors, but also people who work for NGOs for example in Afghanistan or Sudan.

Sharing a common background – our own dedication to ELSA – our members support each other. Many attorneys give mandates and cooperate with their colleagues in other countries, lawyers seek legal advice and sometimes just someone is needed who might pick up something at the airport for someone else.

ELSA is not only taking place on the international level, but also in the member countries or at the local universities. Whereas ELS focuses on alumni who have been active in ELSA on the international level, in the recent years national alumni groups focus on former ELSA members in their countries. There is no competition between ELS and the national alumni groups, but the international and national alumni groups complete each other.