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Seminar: International Laws of Combat

13.12.2016 - 16.12.2016

An ELSA-Seminar is a national or international meeting of law students, trainee Teacher, young lawyers or other interested parties. The aim is the academic and factual discussion on a certain subject matter, the problematization and development of possible solutions.

In addition to the academic seminars have objective but also cultural and social aspects. The content is consists of several lectures and subsequent discussions. Panel discussions can be part of a seminar.

The focus of a seminar is the open and factual discussion and exchange of ideas. New Aspects and perspectives open up, one´s own horizon is extended, the critical questioning of facts trained and a superficial consideration of problems is reduced.

Within a period of four consecutive days should not only students, but also interested parties the opportunity to at lectures, podium discussions and debates, change the views of professors, specialists as well as politicians listen, to critically questions and also with these to discuss and targeted questions.

In this case the seminar deals with the “Self-Defense Rights of the Member States” and “International Laws of Combat”.

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