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News from the Assembly Meeting 2016 in Porto

The Executive Committee 2017 was elected, and for the first time we held our Assembly Meeting in ELSA's Plenary Hall with a substantial ELSA audience

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The ExeC 2017 will consist of:

  • Moritz Am Ende (President)
  • Lenara Klimovskaya (Secretary General)
  • Pascal Gomez Neven (Treasurer)
  • Pierangelo Graziani (ExeC Officer)
  • Claudius Krucker (ExeC Officer)

As Auditors, the Assembly elected:

  • Carsten Florian Bruns
  • Tristan Naber

Beside the elections, the ExeC presented a proposal to amend the regulations on the membership fees, which was approved and will enter into force on 1 January 2017. The main changes are related to new members and young members:

  • New members are required to pay the full membership fee also in their first year (until now, the first year membership fee was 20 instead of 40 EUR).
  • For young members (until the age of 30 and not fully employed yet), the membership fee will be due, unless the member actively notifies the ExeC that it still fulfills the young member criteria.