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Congratulate ELSA and ELS to their upcoming birthdays!

Have your name printed on the official Tabula Gratulatoria in ELSA's members magazine "Synergy" and on a plaque in the ELSA House while in a breath supporting the ELSA family financially. Don't miss out and sign up by 31 May!

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ELS is preparing a Tabula Gratulatoria “35 years ELSA – 25 years ELS” with the names of all donors engraved on a plaque which will be on permanent display at the ELSA House in Brussels. We shall officially present the Tabula Gratulatoria to the International Board of ELSA at the Transition Barbecue on Saturday 16 July 2016. The Tabula shall also be published as a two page spread in the upcoming Synergy.

If you haven’t done so already, we would like to encourage you to join the nearly 100 ELSA alumni who have put their names on the Tabula: For just 95 Euros, you can still secure your spot at shop.elslawyer.org until 31 May!