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How to join?

  1. Fill in the form at members.elslawyer.org/join.php

  2. Pay your first membership fee (40 €) or the lifetime membership fee (400 €).
    If you are under 30 years old and still studying or not fully employed – you can claim exemption from the membership fee!

  3. Wait until we received your payment and approve you (you will be able to see other members in the database then, you will be added to the els-info list)

  4. Don’t forget to complete your data in our member directory

Please note that as an alumni organisation of ELSA, we normally require former or current membership to ELSA. However, if you have a different nexus to ELSA (e.g. as a participant in the Final Oral Round of EMC2) and wish to stay in touch with and support the ELSA network, please contact the President of ELS at president@elslawyer.org.


Benefit from many opportunities, including:

  • Access to our online members’ directory, with and for all of our members, including their personal and professional information;

  • Regular updates on ELS, ELSA and our members provided through our website, newsletter, facebook page and mailing-list;

  • ELS members can participate at ELS and ELSA meetings and activities throughout the year (normally at more favourable rates than Non-ELSA members;

  • ELS supports ELSA, financially and in-kind. Financial assistance involves the ELS Scholarships as well as other ad hoc purposes. In-kind support can vary, e.g. helping ELSA find sponsors, lecturers and trainers, or giving professional advice and expertise.

Membership categories and fees

Since January 2017, the following terms apply for the membership of ELS:

Regular (yearly) Membership

A yearly membership fee of 40 € is due at the beginning of each calendar year. 

The membership fee for new members joining the association becomes due when the membership application is accepted by the Executive Committee. The acceptance of the application may be made conditional upon the payment of the first membership fee.

Resigning one’s membership does not relieve from the obligation to pay membership fees which have already accrued. 

Lifetime Membership

Any member of ELS may acquire a lifetime membership by paying the lifetime membership fee, which is set at 400 €. Lifetime members are exempted from the obligation to pay further membership fees. 

Young Members

Members who have not completed their thirtieth year of age at the beginning of the year qualify for the Young Member status, provided that they are still studying or not fully employed. Young Members are required to pay the regular membership fee.
Young Members may however, by simple declaration towards the Executive Committee with reference to their Young Member status, request to be exempted from this obligation. The Executive Committee may refuse this request only within a delay of 30 days, and only on the grounds that the conditions for the Young Member status are not fulfilled.

If you are a law student seeking membership to ELSA, The European Law Students’ Association, please contact the ELSA local group at your university. We’re the old(er) guys ;-)


Please be aware that your membership (including access to the directory and our mailing list) will only be activated after we have received your first membership fee and reviewed your application.

You can make your payments to ELS using your credit card via PayPal, by bank transfer, or by directly paying the treasurer. Take into account the details below. If you have any enquiries or doubts concerning your payments or debts towards ELS, please contact the treasurer.

Paying by bank transfer

Paying with Credit Card / PayPal

Our bank details are as follows:

The ELSA Lawyers Society
1050 Brussels, Belgium
BNP Paribas Fortis Bank
Ravenstein Branch
1000 Brussels, Belgium
Account nr. 210-0021491-09
IBAN: BE52 2100 0214 9109

Please specify your name and the nature of your payment (ex.: "Year Fee") in your transfer details.

To make your payment, please press the "Buy Now" button next to the item you want. Please confirm it again on the Paypal payment page before you proceed. You can pay with your credit card (Visa or Mastercard), or using your PayPal balance.

For payments via PayPal, we have to charge a transaction fee, as indicated below.

  • Yearly Membership Fee: 42,00 €
    (40,00 € + 2,00 € transaction costs)   

  • Lifetime Membership Fee: 415,00 €
    (400,00 € + 15,00 € transaction costs)