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About ELS – The ELSA Lawyers Society

Founded in 1991, ELS – The ELSA Lawyers Society is the international alumni association of ELSA – The European Law Students’ Association. ELSA was founded in 1981 by the five law students and is today the largest law students association in the world with 35.000 members at 240 universities in 41 countries.

ELS is a network of former ELSA members to keep in touch with friends, to connect legal professionals and provide support for ELSA and its members. The aims of ELS were expressed in the Statutes as follows:

RECALLING that the aim of ELS is to bring together lawyers and other members all over Europe who have been part of or who have supported the ELSA network and structure or who wish to do so now and in the future; to enhance the exchange of knowledge and experiences and to create and maintain personal contacts amongst lawyers in Europe.

ELS is governed by the Assembly Meeting (AM) which is normally organised once a year, in conjunction with ELSA’s Autumn International Council Meeting. Day to day management of the association and implementation of decisions taken by the AM is in the hands of the Executive Committee (the ExeC).

Membership of ELS is open to all ELSA members that are at the end of their ELSA career and those that were ELSA members and have already graduated.